Low Budget

Marketing Tools for Startups

Startups usually offer innovative products that are expected to boost the market. Since businesses have a shoestring budget, they cannot throw heaps of money into expensive promotion campaigns conducted by specialized global digital marketing agencies. But, not all advertising activities need to be costly to be successful.

Guerrilla marketing applies cheap methods to attract attention to a product, service, idea, or brand. Zmest's team has prepared a list of low budget marketing tools that can create buzz and help companies to reach new heights. Let's explore these killer marketing strategies!
37% of consumers find purchase inspiration through social media. Companies can establish close relations with target audience and build a strong community through SMM. Like social media marketing agency specialists, every startup team is able to create impressive content and spread it among various social media platforms and websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many others.

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Content marketing has quickly occupied its place in the marketing industry in recent years. Every content marketing agency will say you that right content do miracles by increasing brand awareness, improving website SEOs, raising sales, enhancing brand awareness, and facilitating community growing.

      Content Marketing

      Startups can easily manage a blog, prepare press releases, add new content, videos, podcasts, and infographics that entertain or inform followers about new services and products or their updates. Content is king. Content can significantly increase traffic and improve brand reputation. Zmest experts made certain that content marketing tools indeed bring astonishing results.
      Don't confuse email marketing with spam or email list. It is one of the most effective advertising tools that allow brands to communicate with consumers, increase their loyalty, as well as attract potential and retain current clients. There is no need to hire a professional email marketing agency at the early stage especially when the list of contacts is short (for example, up to 500 addresses). Businesses can build their email list from scratch, make catchy newsletters, personalize their promotional content, raise brand awareness, and encourage customers to buy their products and services.

        Email Marketing

        Media Relations involves communicating with media and storytelling about startups' products and services in a positive way. Journalists and companies have one main goal – to reach people. Mass media practitioners need a story and spend a lot of time to find relevant information to fill the article. Businesses can make their task easier and give them what they want: data, descriptions, features, etc. It can be win-win cooperation for both sides: journalists save their time when looking for information while companies gain access to a large audience with low costs.

          Media Relations

          Through Influencer Marketing, companies can effectively and quickly draw people's attention to their brand. 92% of customers trust their favorite bloggers or celebrities more than conventional advertising. Nielsen revealed that influencers deliver 11 times higher ROI than other forms of digital promotion tools. How to contact top bloggers and reputable opinion leaders when you can't afford to engage a large influencers marketing agency? Zmest recommend starting with micro-influencers who are usually closer and more understandable to their audience. Pay less, get more.

            Influencers Marketing

            Another efficient low cost promotion tool is event or experiential marketing that involves speaking with consumers by means of various online-conferences, webinars, and other memorable events. With the perfect event marketing campaign, companies have all chances to come face-to-face with target audience, receive feedback on their products and services, as well raise consumer satisfaction, increase sales, and earn income.

              Event Marketing

              This advertising tool allows customers do marketing for companies, which should keep in mind that people more likely buy products and services when they are referred to them by friends or relatives. That's why it's worth to include an exclusive referral program to the businesses' community management strategy.


                The above-mentioned affordable promotion instruments can become a lifesaver for cash-strapped startups and small businesses aimed at introducing their brand or products to a wider audience. No matter how low your budget, these high-impact advertising hacks are able to deliver great results.

                It's unnecessary to apply to b2b content marketing agency when you want to introduce yourself to the world. Just use these low-price promotion tips and avoid common mistakes business owners make when doing marketing by themselves. Need any advice how to launch your own advertising campaign? Contact us, and we'll help you!

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